What if your phone had a second chance?

Primo Seal creates an invisible water resistant shield inside and outside your electronic device.

Makes electronics scratch, dirt and water resistant

Environmentally safe

Does not affect audio plug, speaker, charger port function

How Primo Seal Works


Our liquid quartz glass technology coats the surfaces of your electronic phone, tablet, headset, walky talkies, key fobs and other electronic devices and enters your phone just enough to keep liquid out.



"My phone slipped into the hot tub and I freaked! It was down there for about 10 seconds. I had treated it with your product just a day before. There is no damage to the phone at all!"

"James Elwing"

"I was up snowboarding and crashed pretty hard. My phone flew out of my pocket and sunk into the snow. It took me 5 minutes to find it. Without Primo Seal, i'm sure it would have been toast."

"Sarah Umbridge"


"Hey Primo Seal, thought I'd let you guys know that I love your product!!! I usually go through 4-5 pairs of ear buds a year. You see, I ride dirt bikes and mountain bikes with them and I sweat a lot. Recently, I purchased a pair of Jay Bird Bluetooth earbuds/headset. They're crazy expensive but it means no wires. Anyhow, I treated them with Primo Seal. No issue with sweat and that was a year ago! THANK YOU!!"

"Jack Heeler"

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